Meghan Markle Yeeting The Fuck Away From The Royal Fam After Her Last Duty Is A Forever Mood

Today is The Good Day, my friends.

A hellish Mercury retrograde is over, there’s a Full Moon in stabilising Virgo, Harry Styles is announcing his Aussie tour in a matter of hours, and Meghan Markle is finally free from the Royal Family.

Meghan and Harry reunited with the Royals at today’s Commonwealth Day church service in London, their first outing with the fam since they announced they were stepping away, plus their last official Royal Duty overall.

Their reunion with the salty-ass Royals was as awkward as expected and as seen via footage, there was a whole lot of tension in the air.

Have a go at it below:

Despite all the passive aggressive jabs she copped from her in-laws following the big announcement, she still walked into the ceremony and performed her final duty with her head held high.

After all the misogyny and racist attacks she’s been hit with by the media, royal commentators and general public over the years about how she should and shouldn’t behave, the battle is finally over and our girl is free from the clutches of the medieval Royal system.

As Meghan made her way out of her Royal swan song, the feeling of utter relief was palpable on her face and in her stride.

It wasn’t a ‘fuck you’, per se, but more a feeling of, ‘I’m free.’

Suss out the glorious snaps below then have them framed or wallpapered in your bedroom to remind you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Take a bow, my queen. You’re free.