Megan Marx Uses IPL On Jake Ellis, Thus Proving They’re Extremely Together

Imagine you’re part of an Insta-famous couple – one catapulted to popularity after you each quietly left the Bachelor in Paradise set together but separately sans commitment ceremony – and you want to show the world that you’re like really really into each other.

Would you do this by a) taking a smoochin’ selfie; b) going on holiday and asking strangers to take photos of you two on an outdoor adventure; or c) sharing a seemingly provocative, nude cuddling pic – which is actually a pic of your S.O. using an IPL machine on your back hair?

If you’re professional squinter Jake Ellis – partner of dream lady, Megan Marx, who actually broke his dick one time – the answer is C, for sure.

The couple are staying at one of Sydney‘s Ovolo hotels – Marx is from WA, and Ellis from Queensland – ahead of tonight’s Paradise Party at Flamingo Lounge in Potts Point. Yeah, you could be dressed like you’re vying for rose at a Bachelor in Paradise cocktail party and rubbin’ shoulders with the whole some of the gang rn for a cool $95 – all to raise $$ for Cure Cancer Australia.

Still, the v good reason they’re luxuriating in a Sydney hotel aside, can we have another minute for what’s happening up there? In case you are not versed in hair removal lingo: IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’ which is a weird light therapy that’s supposed to roast off your body hair, like it’s Sunday and ma’s got a chicken in the oven.

Marx was using one of those devices – one from Happy Skin Co, a sponsor of their event – on Ellis when he took their happy snap, complete with shoulderblade back tattoo. Marx for her part didn’t waste time not-roasting bae in the comments: “I’m gonna IPL off your head hair in your sleep,” and “You’ll wake up with no eyebrows tomorrow.”

For added lols:

Yes, that is Rhys Chilton, bespectacled entrepreneur/villain from Georgia Love‘s Bachelorette season, suggesting a cheeky three-way. Can’t blame him for trying/jokin’.

Last week, in other Marx news, the wanderluster admitted on Insty that she’d had plastic surgery – a rhinoplasty and a lip lift – which she intends to blog about in the near future. She wrote in the post that her beau had been “amazing through the whole experience“, and tbh she seems really pleased with her choice, so good for you, Megs, you go on livin’ your best life.