It may have looked like Megan Marx and Jake Ellis were complete Splitsville, Arizona during last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise – what with her hightailing it outta there with her trusty backpack firmly on, and Jake being left standing like a lonely lump in dreary grey Fiji

FYI: Megan & Jake Are 100% Still Together & “In Love” After ‘Bachie In Paradise’
I’m trying out a Dora The Explorer look, u like?

But after PEDESTRIAN.TV had a zesty morning chat with Jake and Megan, we can confirm their romance is very much still on – and actually never ended.

“I feel like it was edited as a breakup, but I feel like it was more a “let’s do things on our own terms and if it works, amazing and if it doesn’t, at least we’ve done the right thing,” Jake told us about the couple’s ending on the show.

Megan and I had a conversation off-camera before that little break up scene, I guess you could call it, and we agreed that we weren’t ready to go to the commitment ceremony, we didn’t want to have that added pressure to say that we were in love or that we wanted to be together, we didn’t want to say it just for the sake of it. We wanted to do things on our own terms and if it worked, it worked – and we would have no pressure on us.

Megan echoed his take on the fateful backpack-toting “break up” scenes.

I’m so glad that we didn’t [do the commitment ceremony]. I don’t think either of us were ready for it, whereas the other couples had a bit more time without drama, whereas Jake and I – y’know, the week before I was hooking up with Tom. [laughs] So you know, I think it was the wrong decision to say “I love you” straight after something like that.

According to Jake, they never ended things – they simply skipped out on a public declaration of their relationship.

We just picked up where we left off from the show, we just continued to get to know each other. We have spent more time together lately between all the media for the show, and we use that as a way to spend time with each other. It wasn’t a break up, it was more “let’s do things how we want to”.

Since filming ended, Megan choofed off overseas for a bit while Jake spent time with his fam in the GC. But the pair did long distance, and things seem preeeetty strong between them, as Megan explained.

Jake obviously lives on the Gold Coast, for me, I’ve been travelling for nearly 18 months now, I’ve been everywhere. Basically it’s just been a matter of me coming to visit him, and then going away to do work stuff, then coming back. So yeah, it’s been a bit all over the place, but it’s been working.

“I love you’s” have officially been exchanged.

“[That happened] maybe like a month after the show, or a bit longer,” Megan clarified. “Two months after? Yeah.”

Aaand they’re about to jet off to Thailand for a vacay. NICE FOR SOME, HUH.

“We’re going strong, and we’re off on our first little overseas trip,” Jake told us. “And we’re excited about that, to get away for a bit and from the whole circus of the show, we sort of haven’t had a break just the two of us so we’re looking forward to that and, you know, taking each day as it comes.”

But what about all the DRAAAA-MA that went down with Thomas/Flo? To Jake, that’s part of Paradise.

The whole point of Paradise is to go in there and find someone you want to spend time with, that special person. What I did at the start [with Flo], obviously I could have handled it differently. But I just did what I felt was best for me and what I wanted, which is what everyone was doing there in Paradise. At the end of the day that’s what we were there for. When Megan walked in, my whole Paradise changed and that shows from that point on.

Tbh it all sounds extremely level-headed, I personally have high hopes that these two’ll make it work.

Image: Instagram / @megan.leto.marx