The Bachelor alum Megan Marx has always been open about the fact that she was once part of a “cult” and over the weekend, she shared photos from that time in her life,

In a series of Instagram Stories, that were reshared by the So Dramatic! podcast, Megan Marx dropped pics from her wedding at 18 and that time she was “separated from my husband and lost 15 kilos” from stress, along with shots of her taking part in religious protests.

Have a peek at the screenshots of the piccies shared by Megan Marx:

Speaking to Woman’s Day a few years back, Megan Marx revealed she was raised by her mother and stepfather in a religious cult.

Ironically, despite now being a reality television star, Megan Marx was not allowed to watch a TV during her time with the group.

“In there, education wasn’t necessarily important, it was just about pleasing your husband,” she told the publication, revealing that she had an arranged marriage at 18 (as seen in the pics above).

“It was the worst day of my life,” she said of her wedding day, adding that the subsequent marriage that did not last was “a pretty full-on thing.”

“The preacher was screaming at everyone how they were all going to hell.”

Later speaking to OK! magazine, Megan said all in all it was a “good relationship” and she’s learned a lot from it. “There are no regrets,” she said.

“It was a good relationship. We were very young and lost in love, but I’ve come out knowing more of what I want.”

Her stepfather Ross Upchurch later told Daily Mail Australia that “she was married. That didn’t work out.”

He said that Megan Marx and her ex husband “were together for about six or seven years” and he denied claims that it was an arranged marriage.

“She was 18 when she married. I would have liked her to wait a little longer, but they seemed like a good match at the time,” he concluded.

Ross said that his daughter Megan Marx is “a happy, fun-loving girl” and he also said that the then-Bachelor contestant was “doing well and enjoying the opportunity” of being on Bachie. Bless.

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