Someone Free Megan From The Shackles Of MGK Bc If This Vid Is Anything To Go By, She Is Done

Megan Fox being icy with Machine Gun Kelly in awkward red carpet video

An awkward yet life-giving video of Megan Fox irritatedly brushing off Machine Gun Kelly has surfaced online and I have never been so excited at the prospect of a failed relationship.

The video posted by Footwear News on Instagram (random, I know) shows the couple having a very icy interaction on the red carpet at the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards.

In the footage Megan can be seen glaring daggers and side-stepping MGK as he tries to wrap his arms around her. She then refuses to face him and walks away, eyes glowering straight ahead as he laughs sheepishly. Man’s embarrassed, I can smell the fear.

Their awkward interaction was not lost on fans. Which makes sense because the steam coming out of Megan’s ears is visible from space.

“Megan not here for his shenanigans,” one commenter said.

“She wanted nothing to do with him lol,” said another.

“What he do sis?” wrote a third.

For some, the couple’s troubled interaction may be painful to watch because it’s so awkward. But for me? Glorious. Rejuvenating. Inspirational. Keep it coming, please.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly may have once been Hollywood’s cutest (and cringiest) couple, but not anymore. That came crashing down when it was revealed MGK publicly lusted after Kendall Jenner when she was underage. A whole creep.

Ever since then he’s been cancelled to me. All I can think about is how Megan Fox, who has been through way too much shit in this world, deserves someone who does not have a history of making creepy comments about minors.

Never in my life have I manifested the downfall of a relationship so zealously. Every day I pray Megan awakes from the sorcery that vampiric man has placed upon her. Free yourself from the shackles of his wasted form, girl! You could blow a kiss at him and the air would topple the man right over!

But alas, it’s possible my dreams will never be realised. At least he spoils her, I guess.