Welcome to a new era of music entertainment. Network Ten’s free-to-air offshoot, Channel Eleven, has done away with the traditional Saturday morning music chart show of yesteryear and is now introducing us to its more modern cousin.

In an attempt to keep up with contemporary audiences, a new program ‘The Loop’ will change the way music is presented from previous shows a la Video Hits. In an unprecedented format, the co-hosts (Ash London and Scott Tweedie) will present viewers with weekly videos comprising top 20 lists from iTunes, not the ARIA charts.

In sourcing music from iTunes – the worlds most used media player and browser, ‘The Loop’ can offer viewers a music chart show that reflects what the greater populis is listening to, downloading and coveting.

The now-defunct ‘Video Hits’ received criticism for airing music that was not organically popular amongst interactive audiences, but ‘The Loop’ will draw content directly from popular culture.

Incorporating film reviews, popular twitter feeds and viral videos ‘The Loop’ is aiming to provide a multi platform entertainment experience for media hungry viewers. It’ll be interesting to see whether it succeeds.

The show will go to air on Channel Eleven from 9am – 11:30am Saturday mornings from the 28th January 2012.

Words by Cassie Byrnes