Meet Snapcash, Snapchat’s New Money Transfer Feature

Popular dick pic sharing app Snapchat has announced the rollout of a brand new feature, Snapcash, which will allow its users to transfer money between one-another at the push of a few buttons.
It couldn’t be simpler: as Gawker reported earlier today, you simply link your debit card to your account, “type a dollar amount into Snapchat’s text-chat feature, and hit the green pay button to instantly send a friend money.”
“A friend” is definitely not code for “the person who has your nudes and is currently blackmailing you”. Not at all.
Allow this bright, colourful commercial, featuring dancers and flurries of dollar bills and a dude we’re 99% sure once played Alex’s boufriend on an episode of Modern Family to explain:
Of course, there are plenty of apps already on the market that allow you to transfer money, but Snapchat’s popularity with teens, tweens and perverts means that this new feature could catch on.
Snapchat has been at the centre of various hacking scandals in recent months, although to be fair, those were the result of third-party apps capturing photos, and for Snapcash, they’ve teamed up with Square, a seemingly fairly reputable money transfer service.
Per the announcement on Snapchat’s website, the service is now available to U.S. Snapchat users over the age of 18. There is no word yet on an Australian rollout but we are eagerly awaiting news.