Meet Chris Lilley’s Asian Tiger Mom

If there’s anything more ridiculous than a surfer who literally has no balls or a poo obsessed rapper named S.Mouse it’s a skater who pretends to be gay because his Asian Tiger Mum wants to sell more penis-shaped kitchen utensils. Reason #137 why we love Chris Lilley.

The latest Angry Boys teaser introduces viewers to Jen and Tim Okazaki also known as the most counterintuitive character duo of all time. One is a Tiger Mum who favours skateboarding over academics and the other is one of them closeted heterosexuals. The mind boggles, Mr. Lilley. Our favourite part is when Jen mentions sponsorship deals with DC and Grobe then spruiks a phallic merch line which includes water bottle, cheese grater and whistle. My goodness, the LOLs that we will have. The LOLs that we will have.

Angry Boys premieres in May.