McDonald’s Is Releasing A Podcast About The ‘Rick And Morty’ Sauce Riots

Last year, Rick And Morty fans across America went ballistic over the limited re-release of Szechuan McNugget dipping sauce. And now McDonald’s has made a podcast about it.

The long-forgotten condiment was referenced as a throwaway gag in the animated comedy’s Season 3 premiere, and immense fan interest inspired the fast food overlords to temporarily re-release the sauce. However, nobody – not even the show’s creators – expected the rabid mobs to absolutely outstrip supply and literally riot over the shortage.

Months later, McDonald’s has revealed that massively fucked saga will be documented in a brand new three-part audio investigation. Made in collaboration with Studio@Gizmodo and Onion Labs, The Sauce will be released tomorrow. We’re not sure how closely it’ll adhere to the actual story of the riots without dipping into humorous hyperbole, but you can cop the teaser trailer below:

Oh, this all comes as McDonald’s plans to re-re-release the sauce, but this time in much larger quantities. Photos posted on social media by those claiming to work at Macca’s restaurants across the States show pallets of the stuff.

Just to reiterate: there’s now a podcast, about a sauce featured on a cartoon, about a sauced used to promote another cartoon. Wild times.