Matthew McConaughey May Consider Running For Texas Governor And Alright, Alright Alright…

Alright, alright, alright Matthew McConaughey said he’d consider running for Texas governor and please let this happen.

As we know celebrities and politics don’t always mix (*cough* Trump *cough*), but I truly believe McConaughey would make a great politician. And no I’m not just saying it because he’s sexy (well, maybe just a bit). He’s a man full of wisdom, and he’s very passionate about his home state Texas and making it a better place.

While being interview on The Balanced Voice podcast McConaughey discussed what his next move might be, as he is currently working as a Professor at the University of Texas.

“I do think think I have some things to teach. What is my role? What is my category in the next chapter of life that I’m going into?” McConaughey said.

When asked whether that next leadership role would include running for governor, McConaughey said:”It’s a true consideration.”

At Christmas every woman in my family was fighting over McConaughey’s book Greenlights during a game of Dirty Santa. I personally did not get why..until now.

During the interview, the saucy actor talked about some of the wisdom from his book, like the problem with America’s intoxication with fame and money. He also provided some wisdom for us Gen Zers/Millenials.

“That comment you’re posting online it’s going to outlive you. Think about that before you press send. What you’re doing right now is a compounding asset for your future. You’re writing your own story, is that really the part of your story that you want?” McConaughey said.

“Kids are getting their identity off of what they send out and what millions of strangers may think of that. That’s not a place to get your identity.

“Those commenters out there, those naysayers that come back and make you feel down, when they thumbs down or give you a bad comment on what you put out. They’re on the sidelines for a reason. On the sidelines, not in the game. So get in the game and play your own game.”

Ok, BRB just purchasing Matthew McConaughey’s book.