After taking home a gong at this year’s Oscars, director Matthew A. Cherry has done the biggest flex and retweeted his original callout for artists to help with his then-new project, Hair Love.

Almost four years ago, Matthew A. Cherry tweeted a still from what would eventually be his award-winning short film, searching for 3D artists to help with his “Oscar worthy” project and mate, you’ve hit nail on the head right there.

Now the former NFL player has picked up the big award for Best Animated Short Film alongside producer Karen Rupert Toliver, he’s gone back to this tweet and added a little update. Absolutely huge and impressive flex, and you absolutely love to see it.

Hair Love bested incredible work from across the world, including one produced by Pixar, and has brought a lot of representation about black hair culture and people of colour to the place where it matters the most – animated films for children.

The film itself was based on the story of DeAndre Arnold, who was suspended from school in Texas because he refused to cut off his dreadlocked hair (which was apparently a school policy violation???) The young champ was invited to the awards ceremony by Matthew A. Cherry and his co-producers Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade as their special guest.

You can watch the whole short film below, so take a hot ten mins out of your day to watch this bloody precious film of the excitement that comes with a kid’s first day at school (and the nerves of her Dad having to do her hair.)

Image: YouTube / Sony Pictures Animation