Matt Damon, Michael Douglas To Play Gay Lovers

Just in case we weren’t quite horrified by Michael Douglas enough, it’s been announced that he’ll be playing Liberace in an upcoming biopic directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Matt Damon will play Scott Thorsen, the flamboyant entertainer’s assistant/boyfriend whose 1982 palimony suit ‘outed’ Liberace, who, ( in the spirit of Tom Cruise) continually denied his sexuality, right up to his death from AIDS at the age of 67. In my opinion, one who wears embellished white fur and glitter brogues doesn’t necessarily need to be publicly “outed.” A) because the sexuality of people that awesome is irrelevant, and B) because you could probably tell he was gay from space anyway.

Sorry to neg-out on a Friday, but imagining Damon and Douglas in steamy bedroom scenes has just turned me off my lunch, and has only been amplified by Damon’s joking aside. He recently quipped: “Michael said when he last saw me, ‘Get your ChapStick ready.’”


Either way, I’ll see it purely for the elaborate costumes, sets and stage show reenactments. The rest of the cast- Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard will surely also provide quality cinema.

Furthermore, I’m pretty certain I’ll have enough comic material to throw around for a minimum of three months, post viewing. And as Liberace knows, you can NEVER have too much material (or sequin detailing).

Via Collider