Matt Damon Reportedly Swapping The US For Byron Bay To Avoid Donald Trump

In the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, a veritable fucktonne of Americans voiced their desire to emigrate. Overall, precious few actually did make the move to avoid the tenure of President Donald Trump, but one fella does appear to have had enough: Matt Damon.

According to Page Six, Damon is telling close associates that he’s trying to nail down a parcel of land in Byron Bay for him and his family as a means to geographically distance himself from Trump and his endless stream of bullshit policies.

Those same sources claim Damon’s work won’t be impacted by the move, as he obviously has the means to travel for work as he pleases.

News that Damon could soon call Australia home broke earlier this month, after The Sunday Telegraph reported he was swayed to buy a property neighbouring that of Chris Hemsworth.

FWIW, Damon hung out with the Hemsworth clan after his cameo appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, and reportedly even attended their New Year’s Party in Broken Head.

Damon’s reps didn’t get back to Page Six for comment about his potential new Australian pad.