Matt & Alex Crown Richard Wilkins ‘Crumb Of The Year’ For Stealing Their Chips

This morning, live on air, Matt & Alex presented their not-so-coveted Crumb Of The Year award, and this year, they honoured Richard Wilkins, for the totally shoddy act of stealing their hot chips at a movie screening. 

Wilkins himself has yet to respond to this dubious honour, but some clever sausage already jumped on to Wikipedia this morning, and edited it to reflect this accomplishment in the ‘Honours’ section of his page. 
Wikipedia’s fascist editing regime has already attempted to scrub all traces of Wilkins’ ‘Crumb Of The Year’ win, but we’ll always be able to bask in the glory of the above screengrab. #NeverForget
Stop stealing other people’s chips, Richard Wilkins.
Photo: Don Arnold via Getty Images / Twitter