Shitloads Of Matrix 4 Teasers Have Emerged From The Depths Of Reality But Which One’s Real?

matrix 4 resurrections teaser

Teasers for The Matrix Resurrections have appeared online, through a somewhat mysterious website that asks us the question that kicked the whole things off: do you choose the red pill, or the blue one?

Before you double take, nope you didn’t read that wrong. There are multiple teasers for The Matrix 4. And every time you go into (or refresh) the site and choose one of the two pills, you get to see a different one.

How many teasers are there? According to Entertainment Weekly, there’s more than 180,000 versions (!!!) of the same short video, which flashes up different glimpses of the incoming movie, and is apparently also determined by what time of day it is, which comes up in the iconic green binary code on the video. Who even has the time to sit there and try and cycle through every single one? Are they even real? Is anything even real anymore?

Once again, The Matrix is immediately fucking with my head and I love it.

In the several teasers that I saw while interacting with the site today, I’ve seen Keanu Reeves as Neo, donning the black trench coat and walking towards a place with a neon light saying ‘Simulatte’. I’ve seen him getting absolutely pummelled against a brick wall in a grimy laneway. I’ve seen what looks like Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) fly-kicking someone in the face. I’ve seen Jonathan Groff (Hamilton, Mindhunter) twice, once with his mouth melting shut a la Neo in the interrogation scene in the first film.

the matrix 4 resurrections teaser
Looking good, king! [Image: Warner Bros.]
There’s someone pouring blue pills out of a container into their hand, a helicopter crashing into the top of a skyscraper, a child with a long plait sitting alone in the dark facing a wall like some king of nightmare fuel. Plenty of shit to make you scratch your head while you attempt to piece things together.

Over each teaser, a voice says things like “Do you remember how you got here?” and “You’ve lost your capacity to discern reality from fiction”, which feels all the more menacing and confusing.

One thing that is real about all of this is when we’ll get to see more, because the full trailer is set to drop in two days, and should be with us Aussies by the time we wake up Friday morning (if we ever do truly wake up, you know?)

The whole film is set to land on in Aussie cinemas on January 1st, can’t wait to jack the fuck back in.