After a pressure test that had everyone on the edges of their seats and heart rates through the fucken roof (including me, a person who hasn’t seen a single episode this season) the first contestant has been locked into the Top 10. Little did we know it’d come down to the wire before Callum sped past Khanh and Poh to nab that ‘MasterChef’ immunity pin.

Callum, Khanh, and Poh all entered the Pressure Test rage cage to face the challenge and beat the clock by plating up three dishes each. A toastie snack, a full homecooked main meal in light speed, and a “top 10 worthy” dessert in half an hour. I’ve never felt so stressed in my life.


After Poh blitzed through the first two plated dishes (including making the most immaculate potstickers in 20mins flat) and Khanh matched her on score points after delivering an indulgent three-cheese jaffle with a cheese lace and then a gorgeous bánh xèo, it was looking like Callum was all but done and dusted.

But the “MasterChef’ kitchen can be a harsh binch at the best of times, and once Poh attempted two desserts in one go (why) and Khanh literally plated up a bowl of sweet garnishes, Callum zipped through with a clean sweep of scores to take home that pin and lock himself into the ‘Masterchef’ top 10.

You truly do love to see it.

Folks on Twitter, quite naturally, lost their shit about Callum’s win.

Meanwhile Andy still can’t figure out if he liked cake or not.

Image: MasterChef / Getty Images / Stephen Munday