‘MasterChef’ Totally Did Tessa Dirty By Giving Her Fkn Celery Core In The Cube Challenge

[All of Australia, simultaneously] Cube challenge! Cube challenge!

[The judges, banging their knifes and forks on the table, probably] CUBE CHALLENGE! CUBE CHALLENGE!

[Me, writing this recap] CUBE CHALLENGE! CUBE CHALLENGE!

Let’s get to it. We’re all here for the cube challenge. It’s been teasing us all week.


Things got off to a slowish start, and the contestants had no trouble guessing cubes of apple and tomato.

Suddenly, somehow, Emilia was able to discern that her little cube was radicchio.

Then, Tessa got a bit of a curveball with celery. She even said her cube tasted like celery but didn’t have the right consistency, so she guessed celeriac.

When she found out she had been severed the core, she was livid, and so was the nation.



Some people even started questioning who was getting what cubes.


Callum, Poh and Laura were absolute guns and nailed everything they were given. Callum guessing starfruit elicited some interesting reactions, too.

Slowly but surely, the cubes got weirder and weirder.

The wildness didn’t die down with round two. In fact, it was almost as wild as the first round.

The goal was to plate up something using at least one ingredient from the five main tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, umami and salty. Some of the resulting dishes looked suspiciously square.

Emelia set out to make parfait out of *spins wheel* chocolate and *rolls dice* Vegemite. Hmmmmm.




Some interesting things were happening on the pronunciation front.

Aaaand of course someone had to pull out a hibachi grill. This time, Reynold used it to grill kale. He saw it in a YouTube video, apparently.


But he still kept his cool.


As the challenge wrapped up, everyone started dropping and breaking shit all over the kitchen! Chaos!

Ooooft, did Brendan put freshly-chopped onions in his dish? When plating up for the judges, things suddenly got very, very emotional.



In the end, it was Brendan who said goodbye. His “umami bomb”, as Jock described it, didn’t quite cut it.

However, it seems the judges forgot one very important fact: