A ‘MasterChef’ Spain Contestant Got Booted For Plating Up A Dead Bird & I Cannot Fkn Breathe

While MasterChef Australia has had more than its fair share of moments throughout its 12 seasons, by world standards it is tame as shit. And if that’s not fair, allow me to present the absolute chaotic glory that is MasterChef Spain, where a contestant was recently booted from the show for plating up a literal dead bird.

That is, a bird that is dead.

Unprepared, save for the 1.5 cherry tomatoes resting gently atop it.

Yes, feathers and all.

The truly incredible scenes played out thusly: 27-year-old social worker Saray Carrillo was already off it with judges thanks to some prior harsh criticism levelled at her food.

Upset with the indignity of not only being placed into an Elimination cook-off, but being forced to cook with a partridge – Saray, according to reports, hates cooking with birds – she proceeded to plate up, no word of a fucking lie, the entire unprepared bird. Beak, feathers, and all.

Because it’s MasterChef and plating is important no matter what you’re doing, Saray served the uncooked bird carcass on a bed of some sort of sauce with what appears to be a nest of spring onions sliced lengthways, with the aforementioned 1.5 cherry tomatoes topping the dish off.

She was immediately booted off the show.

I don’t speak a lick of Spanish (“tu madre se ha comido a mi perro” is the only phrase I really know, and it’s gloriously useless) but this entire sequence is absolutely enthralling.

Who on earth is there on MasterChef Australia that has even remotely this amount of Fuck You energy in them? No one’s even in the same ballpark as that effort.

Maybe Khanh. But only if Jock tries to pull a Matt Preston “disgusting………. ly delicious” stunt on him. Maybe then. Maybe.