Sarah From ‘MasterChef’ Having A Cheeky Swig Of Wine Out Of Her Measuring Cup Is A Fkn Mood

masterchef sarah

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic royally fucking up pretty much every good thing in the world (*cough* I miss the pub *cough*), MasterChef is the only reality show that’s currently on Australian television. But thanks to my new favourite contestant Sarah and her boozy energy, I am totally okay with that.

In tonight’s episode, our QUEEN Sarah Clare was caught taking a sneaky sip of wine straight out of her measuring cup, which is a pretty accurate representation of how we’re all feeling in isolation right now.

I must admit, I haven’t bothered to pay much attention to this season so far, but I’m not incredible invested in Sarah and feel the need to watch every episode to support our queen.

According to my research (the MasterChef website), Sarah is a 33-year-old stay-at-home mum, which makes her *incredibly* relatable considering most of us are struggling with the stay-at-home part, let alone the actual mothering aspect (which I can only imagine is a tough gig).

She’s married to a Brazilian, so she loves spicing up her dishes with that South American ~flair~. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you that we must support this absolute legend, she also loves to hit up vintage shops and play pool.

We must protect this woman at all costs. If she doesn’t win, I will riot.

Our girl Sarah has already secured herself the position of fan fave.

We stan a relatable queen.

Give her the fucking prize already. Cancel the show! Give her a cooking show with an endless supply of wine and call it a day.

Seriously, this woman has perfectly encapsulated how we’re all feeling in April 2020.

This is the exact energy I am trying to channel right now.

Sometimes you just need a cheeky swig of Chardy out of your measuring cup. Who are we to judge? The world is an absolute shit show right now. I would also love some wine in a measuring cup right now, thanks for asking.