Cheers To The Nonnas & Yiayias Of Australia For Raising Such Lovely MasterChef Contestants

Episode two of MasterChef rounded out the top 23 for this season, and it seems the driving force behind who could and couldn’t plate up the best dishes was whether or not the contestants’ ethnic grandmas were sending them good vibes and culinary ingenuity via ESP or something.

We heard of nonnas, we heard of omas, and we heard of yiayias tonight.

This episode really was a touching (if not slightly cliched) tribute to the inter-generational love of food that so many Aussies inherit.

Conor was the first to invoke his ethnic ancestors by channeling his yiayia (who is still alive, for the record).

Meanwhile, Katrina invoked her oma.

The fish she plated up in the end surly would’ve made her oma proud, even if there were a couple of hurdles along the way.

Andy called it “authentic, generous and goddamn spicy,” and damn, now I just wanna eat it.

…fuck. Seriously?! It’s only episode two and someone has already whipped out a hibachi grill. The drinking game still stands, apparently.

This kitchen implement which continues to haunt us across MasterChef seasons was Sara‘s choice to cook her steak.

Hmm… we sure haven’t seen much of Ben this episode.

That’ll teach him for speaking over Mel.

On a more wholesome note, isn’t it nice to finally see proper Germanic cuisine represented on MasterChef? Perhaps there’s more than one oma being channeled tonight!

Gut – and I cannot stress this enough – gemacht!

But perhaps the grandma-grandchild bond which stole the show tonight was Elise and her nonna.

She cried in the end, and hey, so did we.

But not everyone was infatuated with nonna’s energy in the kitchen.

With all the nonnas, yiayias, and other grandparents being used as cooking inspiration/sob story fodder tonight, they may as well get their own damn season.

Which would be amazing TV, for the record.

Ma (my Croatian grandma), if you’re watching this from heaven, please feel free to beam down some of that ćevapčići know-how when you get a chance.

Ja te volim.