Laura Sharrad, who starred in both MasterChef Australia and its All-Stars spinoff series, MasterChef: Back to Win, has taken to Instagram to call out a “disturbing” message she was sent via DMs.

Although she doesn’t share the message she was sent or provide further details about what it said, she does say that it was “something no woman should ever have to read.”

Laura Sharrad posted a black and white message on her Instagram Story that read:

“Today I opened a really disturbing message sent to me on Instagram.

It was something no woman should ever have to read. I feel so sick. I feel violated. I feel unsafe. I feel disgusted. I feel a lot of things. All of them bad things. Simply, it’s not okay.

I thought about posting this all afternoon as I rarely share things about how I’m actually feeling. This is meant to be a happy place. Today I am not okay.

Goodnight x.”

Here’s a screenshot of the message posted by the 25-year-old celebrity chef:

You’ll remember Laura Sharrad from the most recent season of the MasterChef Australia spinoff, where, despite going far in the competition, she copped a lot of criticism for primarily cooking pasta dishes.

But this didn’t impact her too much in the competition as she wound up placing second to winner Emilia Jackson.

She was also previously employed as a chef for new MasterChef Australia judge Jock Zonfrillo. Jock was part of the revamped MasterChef judging team, alongside former contestant and chef Andy Allen, and esteemed chef (and absolute fkn legend) Melissa Leong.

Laura runs Nido Bar and Pasta restaurant in Adelaide, South Australia, with her husband, who is also a chef, named Max Sharrad.

Laura and Max married in 2018, three years after meeting as colleagues at the Orana restaurant in Adelaide, which was owned by Jock Zonfrillo.

The new season of MasterChef Australia is set to air on Channel 10 once Married At First Sight finishes on the Nine Network.