Hayden From ‘MasterChef’ Had To Clarify That Thing In His Hat Wasn’t A Secret Earpiece

I love a MasterChef conspiracy as much as the next idiot, and lord knows last night’s wild conclusion to Twist Week had more than enough fuel to keep that fire burning for a while (TELL US WHAT BEN GOT ARRESTED FOR GOD DAMN IT), but even I know this is an almighty stretch: Hayden Quinn, who had his Back To Win journey unceremoniously ended at the hands of some truly overcooked beef, has been forced to clarify that a thing poking out of his hat was not, in fact, some sort of incredibly overt earpiece or other illuminati-related apparati.

Eagle eyed viewers last night would have easily spotted a pen jutting out from Hayden’s cap during the early stages of last night’s elimination challenge. That it was a pen should have been screaming bloody obvious to anyone who has either a) worked in a kitchen before, or b) seen a pen.

Apparently, however, a small handful of people never got their pen licenses in Year 3, and thus never became familiar with the popular ink delivery system.

On social media, a select few queried out loud whether the pen was actually some sort of earpiece, despite the fact that it clearly did not sit inside his ear.

Even more bizarrely, the calls were so loud that Hayden himself felt the need to clarify. Which he did. Repeatedly.

For god’s sake. It’s like these people have never seen a bloody Bic before.

But it didn’t stop there.

Because the clarification didn’t make it obvious enough, Hayden was subsequently pressed on why the pen was there. But instead of replying “to write stuff down” over and over, old mate at least had the good sense to take the piss.

So just so we’re absolutely clear and there’s no confusion whatsoever: That was a pen. That thing in Hayden’s hat? A pen. He had a pen up there. To write with. The pen, that is. That’s what he was using it (the pen) for.

Got it?