MasterChef Fans Are Ironically Boiling Over Fans Seemingly Being Favoured In Sunday Night’s Ep

masterchef fans favourites

MasterChef fans have ironically accused the show’s judges of favouring the fans over the favourites in Sunday night’s ep.

The MasterChef Fans and Faves were split into three teams each. Each Fan and Fave team was tasked with cooking a French-inspired entree, main or desert for 20 people. Those people included judges Melissa Leong and Andy Allen as well as special guest judge Shannon Bennett who filled in for Jock Zonfrillo who was sick on the day.

The teams made up of the Fans all won the entree, main and dessert dishes. Viewers were boiling with rage like a freshly hot pot of water at this.

Several questioned the MasterChef judges for acting biased towards the fans. They claimed the fact the fans won unanimously on Sunday showed the producers were gunning for a fan to win the season.

Another user said they felt the judges were setting a higher standard for the returning contestants.

“Feels a lot like the faves are held to a much higher standard,” they said.

“If Shannon hadn’t intervened that Barra would’ve been raw.”

“I’m convinced they would actually like something Max cooks if it was blind tastings,” another viewer added.

IMO, it’s kinda fair that the judges would be more critical of the faves. Some of these contestants such as Julie Goodwin are accomplished and critically acclaimed chefs. They have abundantly more experience in this type of pressure cooker (lol) environment. They should be held to a higher standard.

It’d be like if there was a RuPaul’s Drag Race season pitting baby drag queens against contestants who’ve won their seasons.

Others merely suggested the judges do a blind taste test going forward to remove any bias.

“They need to do blind tastings. The judging is bias,” said one user.

MasterChef viewers experienced quite the jump scare last week when the haunted voice of former judge George Calambaris appeared in an episode.