MasterChef’s Darrsh Got His Fkn Tooth Knocked Out Accidentally By Another Contestant

When you apply to go on MasterChef Australia, you know you’re in for a hard slog. From the pressure tests, and the close quarters to the very high stakes; it’s an intense period of time. However, I think the last thing contestant Darrsh Clarke expected was to have his front tooth knocked out by another contestant.

Although it sounds juicy — like there’s some medium rare beef happening behind the scenes — the incident was a bit of a cheeky accident.

In a video posted to Instagram, Darrsh captured the moment that fellow contestant and one of his closest friends on the show Nat Taipun accidentally smacked his chomper out of his goddamn mouth.

The pair were just messing around on a couch with the other contestants around when Nat playfully shoved him. Seconds later, Darrsh’s tooth was on the floor.

You can check out the lighthearted video below.

While Darrsh posted a lighthearted video of the incident with a TikTok trending audio, you can hear what actually went down in a video posted to his IG Stories.

“Oh no,” you can hear Nat say off-camera.

“Oh, you actually have a fucking tooth out right now,” Lachlan Wittle adds, while Harry Butterfield can still be heard playing guitar in the background (unphased king).

“Mate, how’s that for continuity?” Lachlan adds.

Thankfully though, Darrsh says he was okay.

“This was a complete accident and I’m totally fine thanks to an incredible dentist working his magic,” Darrsh wrote in the caption.

He also thanked his fellow contestant Sumeet Saigal who “trekked out into the suburbs with me late at night to make sure I was okay.”

Say cheese!!!!! (Image: Instagram / Darrsh Clarke)

In the comments, the contestants gave some more intel on what went down.

“Gosh! What a night that was trying to find the dentist in the sticks at that hour!! You were being so brave about the pain 😞 I’m just glad that they managed to fix it and that you were ok ❤️,” wrote Sumeet.

“I’m really sorry I laughed so hard that I had to go hideout in Lochy’s room until the giggles went away,” Savindri Perera commented.

Even Judge Poh Ling Yeow had thoughts about the incident.

“What makes this so funny is your calmness when we were told the story in HK when the tooth was already patched,” Poh wrote.

“However, now noting there is music over the original sound 😂 which I’m guessing was both parties taking turns to say “$#%£ bro”.

So look, while Darrsh may be down a real tooth, it seems like there are no hard feelings. Well, to Nat or his fellow contestants. The same can’t be said for peas after *that* challenge that got him eliminated.