A Booted ‘MasterChef’ Contestant Ripped Andy Allen For His “Incredibly Frustrating” Judging

As far as judging goes, Andy Allen has incredibly good instincts, albeit without the flowery vocabulary to express them in a descriptive fashion. And that’s ok, because as far as MasterChef goes it’s a role that needs filling. All three judges on the panel don’t have to be wordsmiths. That’s not how the power trio format works. You need the looks, the brains, and the wild card. Which as far as the new MasterChef judging panel goes, makes Jock the looks, Melissa the brains (because, y’know, Jock will never be the brains here), and Andy the wild card. And that’s fine. But one cast member of this year’s series has still decided to rip Andy a new one for his judging comments, which are – according to the remarkable spray – “incredibly frustrating.”

Chris Badenoch, who was eliminated from this year’s competition in 18th place overall, has gone in on poor wee Andy for his rather unique judging method, which seems to rate dishes on a personal scale that ranges from “I’m not a fan” through to “bangin’.”

Speaking to News.com.au, Badenoch said Allen’s judging comments were “incredibly frustrating,” and are so disjointed that “you almost need subtitles.”

“It’s not feedback, it’s just a collection of words that make no sense,” Badenoch stated. “He’s commented on things that I’ve cooked and when he’s walked away it’s like, ‘I have no idea what he said or what he meant.’ You almost need subtitles. I don’t get it!”

Badenoch even went so far as to compare Andy’s food critiques to the disjointed ramblings of US President Donald Trump, would you believe.

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” the hat man stated. “Jock or Melissa will give you a good critique… [but Andy] it’s not constructive. It’s like a Trump speech; a whole lot of words that don’t match.”

The honest response here is that Andy is merely trying his best and Chris Badenoch should probably focus on recovering the hat that mysteriously vanished mid-filming rather than Andy’s unique food vocabulary.

Just a suggestion.