MasterChef Australia Fans Notice Weird Detail In Hong Kong Week: ‘Is This Normal?’

MasterChef Australia Hong Kong Week Mimi and Nat cooking in the cold

MasterChef Australia fans have been loving Hong Kong week, which saw most of the contestants – with the exception of Savindri ‘Sav’ Perera – have some truly mouthwatering culinary experiences. But there’s one strange detail that some viewers can’t get their heads around: why are contestants freezing their butts off on screen when it’s currently hot as hell in HK right now? 

During Monday’s pressure test challenge, contestants were asked to cook Michelin Star Chef Vicky Cheng’s radish dish outside. They were visibly uncomfortable, with some jumping around to stay warm, and Harry Butterfield joked that his hands were frozen. 

“Why oh why are they cooking outside? I get that it’s picturesque, but seriously it looks ridiculously cold,” one person commented on Reddit. 

“Really, this challenge is next level… it’s almost as if they threw everything at these contestants to see who would break first. The lack of a recipe for a Michelin dish is crazy enough then they have them cooking outdoors and in the freezing cold where their hands are going numb,” another agreed.

“I think it’s cruel to make them cook outside in this weather. They all look so cold, hands would be freezing,” a third said. 

The MasterChef Australia contestants have been struggling with the weather in Hong Kong. (Image: 10)

When was MasterChef Australia’s Hong Kong week filmed? 

A confused viewer asked Redditors when the show was filmed, saying that in HK it’s currently “30C+ at night”, yet the contestants were rugged up for extremely cold weather. 

“So I take it all this happened months ago (ie. January for example) – sorry, I’m new to MasterChef Australia… is this normal?”

They also asked if the winner had already been chosen, and if contestants were required to sign NDAs so they didn’t spoil anything in advance. 

Luckily, the MasterChef Australia superfans were on hand to help answer this question with ease.

“Filming starts around October/November the year before if I’m not mistaken and lasts for a few months. The competition completely ends I think, before it gets aired. That’s probably why we see the previews nearly all the way through to the end and get to see a snapshot of the whole competition when MasterChef Australia announces the release date. So yeah, the HK week was definitely filmed around winter season,” one person explained.

A Channel 10 spokesperson confirmed this, saying: “MasterChef Australia is shot in advance. Season 16 was filmed across a number of months from late 2023 through until March 2024.”

MasterChef Australia contestants picked up lots of skills during their trip to Hong Kong.

“Previous contestants have confirmed they sign strict NDA’s that I think also extended to their friends and families about the show. They cannot discuss the final episode prior to airing unless directed by the network… previously, when the seasons were much longer, they’d still have some filming to do once the premiere starts,” another claimed.

“I did previously attend a team challenge filming nine years ago, and the budget has definitely shifted. I don’t blame them, they have definitely been tweaking the format a lot to try and keep it on air over the last few years.”

These MasterChef Australia superfans are doing the lord’s work, I swear!

Feature image: 10