‘Masterchef’ Just Announced Its New Judges & I Only Recognise One And A Half Of Them

Masterchef Australia

Masterchef Australia has locked in its three new judges for 2020, re: the OG three Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan, and the wage thief’s exit after 11 seasons. 

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Andy Allen (Masterchef Australia season 4 winner ), Melissa Leong (food and travel writer), and Jock Zonfrillo (owner and chef of Orana) will take the reins, Network 10 revealed this morning. Both Leong and Zonfrillo have appeared as guest judges on the show before, so this isn’t a completely random choice.

Ten also confirmed season 12 will be all-stars. Yes, all-stars. Survivor all-stars, Masterchef all-stars. Ten loves all-stars. Anyway, contestants from the past 11 seasons will return to the Masterchef kitchen to compete for the coveted title.

“This is the ‘who’s who of Masterchef Australia‘s favourites from seasons past,” Leong told 10Daily.

“This season they have an opportunity to show everyone what they’ve been up to and where they are at in their food evolution. They know how this game works, so they should be prepared to waste no time in showing us what they’ve got.”

Zonfrillo added that a slew of these former contestants already have their own restaurants and businesses now, and have “become great chefs in their own right.”

“But now to see them back, putting their knowledge against each other in the Masterchef kitchen, sets the stage for the most exciting season yet.”

If Adam Liaw doesn’t pivot his sassy ass back to the Masterchef kitchen, I’m going to absolutely riot. Also, the bloke – Aaron (?) – who made that mind-blowing pasta, the one Matt Preston ate and then dropped on the floor because it was “disgustingly… brilliant.” Surelyhe’s going to be in it. Surely.

Oh, and Heston Blumenthal, Curtis Stone, and Gordon Ramsay are expected to feature in season 12 as well.