MasterChef Fans Are Obsessed With This Really Tense Judging Moment Between Sofia & Poh

MasterChef Australia Sofia Levin and Poh Ling Yeow

There was a bit of tension between judges on the MasterChef Australia set during last week’s bacon and egg reinvention test. The surprise elimination challenge threw contestants for a loop, with some seriously strange food creations hitting our screens.

While previous judges have generally stuck together when it comes to critiques, this season’s judges — Poh Ling Yeow, Jean-Christophe Novelli, and Sofia Levin alongside returning judge Andy Allen — have taken a different route. Fans couldn’t help but notice some shady side-eyed looks between Poh and Sofia when they disagreed over one of Mimi Wong’s creations.

Poh Ling Yeow on MasterChef Australia

Tell us how you really feel, Poh! (Image: 10)

You see, Mimi – a fan-fave contestant – muddied the line between sweet and savoury with her Blueberry and Bacon Cobbler with Pepper Ice Cream. Poh, Jean-Christophe and Andy sang its praises, but Sofia stuck to her guns

“She said she wanted to toe the line between sweet and savoury. And she absolutely has done that with that powerful pepper ice cream to the point here, even though this is definitely a dessert, it doesn’t taste like one for me,” the judge said. 

“While the texture of the ice cream is incredible and it’s such an interesting ingredient to put into ice cream, it does not go with a blueberry cobbler, I think. It feels so spiced and so savoury that it’s detracting from everything else for me.”

In the end, Mimi’s dish wasn’t the best – Harry Butterfield’s nitrous oxide eggs took that spot – but her savoury ice cream was enough to get her through to Hong Kong week. Sadly, Sumeet Saigal’s disastrous egg-stuffed naan saw her get the chop and sent home. At least she can make some coin from her InTalian Simmer Sauce in Woolies!

Would you eat black pepper ice cream? (Image: 10)

Over on Reddit, fans were gagged by the judges’ differing opinions, with many believing it made the TV show much more appealing.

“Oooh, Sofia dissenting from the other judges. I do wish we saw more of that. The last iteration of judges either all liked a dish or disliked it,” one person said. 

“[This] opinion division between judges [hasn’t been] seen in a very long time,” another noted. 

“The fact that she then acknowledged that it was because it was challenging to her mind [and] palate was extra good. Then Poh’s thoughtful dissection. Really enjoying those two as judges,” a third added.

“This season is a least a step up from the recent trio of judges. It became totally uninteresting as everything was praised to high heaven. This crew so far is at least doing more ‘judging’,” another wrote.

Is Mimi going to win MasterChef Australia

According to Reddit, fans are convinced Mimi and Nat Thaipun are the contestants to beat. However, according to Sportsbet odds, it looks like Mimi won’t be walking away with the crown. 

Nat has the best odds to win, with odds of winning sitting at just $1.33. Trailing behind her is Harry Butterfield at $7, Josh Perry at $10 and Mimi at $11. 

It could be to do with how risky Mimi is with her challenges, quickly becoming known for her creativity in the kitchen.

“Rooting for Mimi is not for the weak because she really refuses to play it safe… like almost every time lol,” one Redditor declared.

“Nat and Mimi [are] carrying this season alone. Some of the contestants are getting quite repetitive and hopefully that will be what sends them home,” another added.

“I am also worried… long screentime [of] Mimi, maybe something bad is coming up. Sometimes [it’s] good, but usually bad with no in-between. I hope it’s positive for Mimi’s sake,” a third wrote. 

Fingers crossed for a Mimi and Nat grand final, now that would be epic.

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday through to Wednesday at 7:30 pm AEST.

Feature image: Channel 10