MasterChef’s Shock Elimination Left Fans Gobsmacked With The Final Four Contestants

Well, we’re down to the top four contestants in MasterChef Australia, all thanks to a shock elimination on Sunday night. But not everyone is happy with who went home and who is still kicking in the competition.

In a dramatic surprise elimination, the remaining contestants — Savindri Perera, Mimi Wong, Josh ‘Pezza’ Perry, and Harry Butterfield — were presented with five ingredients that featured incredibly strong flavour profiles.

This is so me when an IGA has a cheese room. (Image: MasterChef)

There was the incredibly pungent Époisses cheese, spicy Carolina reaper chilli, super sweet monk fruit concentrate, sour umeboshi plum and bitter gourd. The contestants had to use at least one of these ingredients to create something delicious.

Not easy, hey? I bet the last challenge winner Nat Thaipun was stoked she got to stick this one out and still make it to the top four.

Pezza even tasted the Carolina Reaper before the challenge!!! I don’t know if that’s brave or incredibly stupid before a challenge where you have to taste? (Image: MasterChef)

In this challenge, the contestants really proved how bloody talented they are.

Harry made gnocchi Époisses with basil and hazelnut peso and figs, inspired by his Nonna and his dog (whose name is Gnocchi!!!!!)

Mimi created Soft Shell Crab Don with green apple and bitter gourd kimchi with yuzu mayo. Originally she was going for sliders, but her bread didn’t work okay so she switched tactics like a pro.

Savindri cooked Carolina reaper prawn with tomato and Carolina reaper consome. And Pezza made an eye fillet steak, with èpoisse cheese sauce and puree.

Clearly, all of the dishes were clever and creative, but in the end, Mimi and Pezza were in the bottom two. Sadly, it was Mimi who was sent home after the judges felt that her dish didn’t come together without the homemade brioche bun she originally intended to make.

However, the irony of the judge’s decisions wasn’t lost on fans of the show. Throughout the season, Pezza has come under fire for getting away with making consistently super simple dishes, while other contestants went home for making things that seemed to be more complex.

This time around, fans noticed that while Mimi was criticised for not making her own bread, Pezza used store-bought bread to finish off his dish. This fact didn’t jazz the viewers at home.

“Pezza needs to go,” one Redditor wrote.

“That dish was extremely basic and they eliminated Alex for a “basic” dish that was more complicated than that. Didn’t even make his own bread.”

“They better call him out for not baking his own bread, why are those little corners even there?!” commented another.

“Mediocre white male wins again. The producers really want a true blue Aussie battler winner, don’t they? I don’t accept!” wrote another.

I genuinely thought Mimi would make it to the end!!! (Image: MasterChef)

Another Redditor, who claimed to work on the show, claimed the shocked vibes continued behind the scenes during filming too.

“I worked on MasterChef. Yes, this is a burner account so my bosses don’t find me,” they said.

“No, I won’t give any spoilers. But fucking hell you should’ve seen the group chat when this went down in real time. We were MAD.”

But according to Mimi, her elimination against Pezza made sense.

“My dish did fall short on meeting the brief of the challenge which was, which was to tame the beast,” Mimi told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“And to be fair, you know, Pezza’s dish had a lot of elements going for him and he did really, really well.

“I think it was well-deserving. I think I had my run in the competition. And as much as I wanted to fight till the very end, it’s not about, it’s not about the skill of the cook. It’s about what you do on the day and that just happened to be the result of the competition.

“You know, I’m a big fan of Pez’s. I’ve had his food, and he’s a wonderful man and cooks wonderful food, so I’m very happy for him.”

So, now that Mimi has been sent home, that leaves Harry, Savindri, Nat and Pezza as the top four in finals week.

Who will win? Only time will tell!!!