MasterChef Australia’s Sav Opens Up About ‘Hard Battle’ With Body Dysmorphia In Vulnerable Post

Savindri 'Sav' Perera MasterChef Australia body dysmorphia battle
CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses body image issues.

MasterChef Australia contestant Savindri ‘Sav’ Perera has just revealed she almost didn’t go on the show due to body dysmorphia issues. The contestant, who sparked conversation with her absence from Hong Kong week, opened up about her long battle on her Instagram Story. 

She shared a cute childhood snap of herself with a lil orange cat, before launching into her personal struggles. 

“One of the hardest battles I had to overcome before competing was severe body dysmorphia… yet every morning I put my makeup on and show up, because my desire to compete is bigger than my hatred for my appearance,” she wrote. 

She told fans she didn’t feel ready to compete on MasterChef Australia, partly because she was grieving the death of her mum, and partly because she was “scared” about appearing on TV. 

“I’m not skinny and pretty like TV personalities usually are. I am blunt and direct and I knew the audience [would have] a problem with it. It is sometimes really, really hard for me to watch myself purely because of the intense fatphobia I have towards myself,” she explained. 

Savindri ‘Sav’ Perera shared this statement on her Instagram Story. (Image: Instagram @savisquishles)

The cook shared she’s undergone years of therapy to try and undo the self-loathing she has for herself, and while she’s in a better place, she still has a long way to go. She reminded viewers that it’s tough to see comments tearing her appearance apart, because the contestants are real people and they do see them. 

“Sometimes I see comments online that talk about how I don’t smile, how my voice is awful, how my smile is awful… and whilst I don’t engage with these [comments], I still see it,” she admitted. 

“While I can ignore it on most days, after a while I wonder if it’s actually true when I know it isn’t.”

Sav finds it hard to watch herself on MasterChef Australia due to her body dysmorphia. (Image: 10)

The reality TV contestant said she decided to share her story to help those who were going through a similar battle. 

“There are many people: women, me, just people, who feel like they cannot take up space because they don’t fit society’s demands of them. I hope you know you should do what you wanna do anyway.

“I hope it doesn’t stop you from going where you want to go.”

TBH, those are powerful words to live by. Queen Sav!

Feature image: 10