How Much Do MasterChef Contestants Get Paid And What’s The Prize Money? Let’s Investigate

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Wondering how much 10 pays MasterChef contestants to star on the beloved cooking show? Or how much prize money they take home if they win the competition?

We’ve done some sneaky stalking across every corner of the internet to find the answers for you.

We’ve scooped up insider tea, sautéed spicy goss, and we’re serving up all the financial intel in one tasty dish of an article.

Fork and knife at the ready, let’s tuck in!

MasterChef Australia salaries revealed

It’s the question on everyone’s lips: much do MasterChef contestants get paid?

In 2022, the So Dramatic! podcast published a report that included various findings that we figured would be of interest to you foodies.

According to the report, back in 2011, MasterChef participants copped $500 per week, which revealed was less than half of the average wage at the time.

By 2013, the contestants were granted a pay increase to $630 per week, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

How did they discover this sneaky intel? Why, by getting their mitts on an old copy of the MasterChef contract, of course!

MasterChef contestants with a bigger profile obviously cop a higher salary. For example, during the Fans vs Favourites season, Season 1 runner-up Poh Ling Yeow (who would go on to become a judge in the 2024 season) and Season 3 fan fave Hayden Quinn were earning $40,000 overall when they returned for a recent season of MasterChef, as reported by New Idea.

Hayden Quinn and Poh Ling Yeow

Hayden Quinn and Poh Ling Yeow copped whopping MasterChef salaries — as they should! (Credit: Ten)

We’re also basing this off the fact that the returning Bachelor alumni were paid more bucks for Bachelor In Paradise than they made on their respective Bachie season, which makes sense.

As far as reality TV salaries go, this one’s pretty average compared to other shows.

We recently published a report that ranks how sweet the dollarydoos are for these shows and MasterChef ranks higher than Bachie, but lower than MAFS.

At the bottom of the list was The Bachelor, which reportedly pays $100 per day.

Next up was MAFS, which pays just a tad more: $150 per day.

Is it fair that MasterChef contestants earn more bucks than the stars of their Channel Ten stablemate, Bachie? I certainly reckon it is! Especially when you compare skill levels.

Anyone can sign up for a dating show, but not anyone can cook up a storm on telly. Just saying!

Suss out the full list for yourself.

MasterChef Australia prize money

Based on past accounts by multiple MasterChef winners, the prize money is indeed $250,000.

This has been confirmed by 2019 winner Larissa Takchi as well as 2017 winner Diana Chan who told Yahoo Lifestyle last year that she didn’t receive her winnings until months after filming had wrapped.

“You don’t get it instantly,” she shares. “I don’t know if I’m actually meant to mention this, but I didn’t get it until like five months later.”

Diana got a “funny feeling” when the money finally hit her bank account and I happily woulda taken it off your hands, queen.

Diana Chan struggled to decide what to do with her MasterChef prize money when she won in 2017. (Credit: Ten)

“To be honest, I was making a decent amount of money doing other things that I actually put it aside and invested it,” she said.

“I wouldn’t say I have it now anymore, this is six years down the track, but you use it on different things to start your career and whatever you want to do. The money’s there and they never say, ‘You have to do this with the money’. So it’s entirely up to you what you want to do.”

Speaking of prize money! MasterChef Australia 2024 is almost over so stayed tuned for everything you need to know about the finale.