MasterChef Australia’s Harry Butterfield Defends Andy Allen’s ‘Harsh’ Critique Of Nat Thaipun

MasterChef Australia judge Andy Allen Harry Butterfield and Nat Thaipun

Harry Butterfield has come out to defend MasterChef Australia judge Andy Allen after he was accused of being far too tough on Nat Thaipun earlier this week. 

ICYMI, Andy questioned Nat on whether or not she wanted to be known as a risk taker or as the winner of the competition after she struggled with a mystery box challenge. There was a lot at stake — a golden ticket to the semi-final — and he said her dish had really “suffered”. He was pushing her because he “sees the potential” in her, and was beginning to doubt if he was “right about Nat”. 

Nat started to get emotional while he delivered his critique, and fans called his feedback “harsh” and “cruel”, saying he was “belittling” her on national TV. 

Andy Allen and Nat Thaipun on MasterChef Australia

Was Andy too tough on Nat? (Image: 10)

But Harry tells PEDESTRIAN.TV he doesn’t think Andy was trying to be extra hard on Nat. He believes it’s more likely there could be some context missing when it comes to the editing of the show. 

“Andy has been a contestant and been in our shoes… whenever he said anything to us, it was from the best place of his heart, and only in order for us to do better and succeed,” he says.

“The only reason that Andy would have even come across as being hard on Nat would have been because he wanted her to do well and do better.”

The contestant added that there was possibly another “three minutes of conversation” missing from the tiny sliver viewers were given, and important words may have been left out. 

“Andy would never say anything for no reason or just to be hard on someone. He’s always looking to help us and for us to be the best cook that we can be, and the best contestant,” he adds. 

The judges do seem to hold Nat to a high standard, and they’re likely trying to push her to new heights. TBH, Andy’s reminder probably helps Nat’s chances of winning the whole show by stopping her from taking risks when the stakes are raised. 

Josh 'Pezza' Pez, Harry Butterfield and Nat Thaipun on MasterChef Australia

Harry knows Andy better than all of us at home, okay?! (Image: 10)

As long as all the contestants are held to the same standard – and Nat isn’t judged differently from the others – it’ll be a fair fight to the end. 

The semi-final is almost here, so Nat will be battling against Savindri ‘Sav’ Perera and Josh ‘Pezza’ Perry for the $250,000 prize. She’s a firm fan fave, so can she walk away victorious? We’ll find out next week!

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday through to Wednesday at 7:30 pm AEST on Channel 10.

Feature Image: Network 10