Your Fave Chefs Return To The MasterChef Kitchen In The Foodies Vs Favourites Trailer

So get this, fun news: some MasterChef faves are returning this year for the spicy new format, MasterChef: Foodies vs Favourites.

As you may have gleaned from the title, the new season sees a bunch of iconique MasterChef contestants head back into the shmick kitch to compete against some of the best home cooks around the country.

Ten even teased four of the returning chefs, god love ’em: Alvin Quah from season 2, Michael Weldon from season 3, Sarah Todd from season 6, and, wait for it, JULIE FUCKING GOODWIN FROM SEASON 1!!!

I’m back, biatches.

Julie Goodwin is the first-ever MasterChef winner, who took out the title back in 2009 when the series first touched down in Australia.

She’s gone on to churn out some fabulous content, from multiple cookbooks to a Chrissy album (is there anything she CAN’T do? No. The answer is no.)

We’ve just copped our first lewk at Julie’s return to the MasterChef kitch. Have a peek below:

“We are back for another action-packed season of thrills, chills and kitchen spills…,” judge Melissa Leong said. “We couldn’t be more pumped! Add to that a handful of new MasterChef foodies going head-to-head with beloved characters from the MasterChef universe over the years… and then of course there’s JULIE GOODWIN!

“If ever there was a time to feel connected through food, it’s now: MasterChef Australia is the hit of nostalgia, inspiration and feel-good fun we need as nation and Jock, Andy and I couldn’t be more excited to serve up a generous and heartfelt serving to audiences in 2022.”

We absolutely bloody love to see it. 2022 is gonna be a fabulous year, I can feel it in me waters!

Meanwhile: Celebrity MasterChef is now airing on Ten and Ten Play.