Please Enjoy This Delightful Supercut Of Andy Allen Being A Spud In His ‘MasterChef’ Season

We love Andy Allen. We truly do. But while his work as one of the three new judges on this season of MasterChef has been an almighty breath of fresh air and the kick up the butt that the show has been needing for so many years now, it’s worth remembering where he came from. More specifically, it’s worth remembering the fact that when he first rocked up to the MasterChef kitchen, he was… well, a massive spud.

Allen was a mere 23-year-old sparky when he first took on MasterChef in season 4, way back in 2012. And while we all know full well that he did go on to win the entire competition, what a lot of us tend to forget is that he almost certainly should not have.

Despite possessing a prodigious natural talent for food, Allen was frequently the buffoon of the season, exhibiting very little refined food knowledge and often having to learn complex techniques on the fly.

And yet despite that, not only did he win, but he did so while being the kind of knockabout loveable larrikin that, ultimately, lead him back to the show as a judge eight years later.

While you can go back through the entire season if you so wish (every season is available to stream on 10Play, for what it’s worth), some benevolent so-and-so has done the hard yards by picking out all the times Andy was a clueless goose and has stitched them together for probably the best 7-minute video you’re likely to see today.

Uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, the supercut features such shining moments as “Andy exploding the arse out of his pants,” “Andy burning the holy bejeezus out of his hand,” “Andy trying valiantly to pronounce ‘yuzu,’” and my personal favourite “Everyone being disgustingly horny for Andy.”

Special mention also goes to “Andy admitting he’s never used an ice cream machine before,” and “Andy says he’s ‘shitting himself.’”

Honestly, absolutely love the bloke. Loved him then, love him even more now. Top fella. Probably a demon on the piss.