Now that we’ve all taken a big, deep breath after Channel Ten casually revealed this year’s MasterChef Australia season is set to feature 24 returning players all having one more crack at securing the coveted Ceremonial Prop Plate, we can focus on the one and only burning question remaining for season 2020: Just why the living hell isn’t John Carasig from season 7 being brought back to wreak white chocolate havoc once again?

Sure, we loved to hate John during his season – after all, he hammered the word “adobo” beyond all meaning and once casually fucked up an entire relay by looking at a mussels-in-coconut-and-tomato-broth dish and deciding to simply go ahead and introduce a white chocolate velouté to it – but there is no former MasterChef competitor more qualified or more deserving of a second chance than he.

MasterChef: Back To Win will, in all likelihood, be a high-quality level of competition from competitors that have not only made it through the competition once before, but have all gone on to achieve bigger and better food heights since leaving the program.

That’s all well and good, but it means that from Day 1 the food produced in the series will be of an absurd standard, and the likelihood of glorious, magnificent fuck up will be virtually non-existant.

That’s why John absolutely should be in there.

What better rags-to-riches story, what better tale of redemption, what better Phoenix From The Ashes is there than the guy who sees the Milky Bar Kid dancing in a creamy fondue fountain when he closes his eyes?

Whomst, among the throng of past MasterChef contenders, is more suited to a Second Chance season than old mate who ran through everyone like a culinary red sock in a load of white laundry the first time he strutted into Kitchen HQ?

What better former MasterChef rockstar to return for Back To Win that John; a glorious return to the main stage for old mate Whiskey Adobo.

Honestly though, just bring him back so we can watch him gaffa tape a family block of Dream onto a Salmon Roulade or whatever for a few more weeks. It’s the right thing to do.

Bring John & His White Chocolate Bullshit Back For ‘MasterChef All Stars’ You Cowards

Bring back velouté. Bring back adobo. Bring John back for MasterChef: Back To Win you absolute rank cowards.