MasterChef 2011: The Weekly Serve

Last week Pedestrian’s resident MasterChef expert and all ’round foodie, Katie Head, is back after taking one week off from delivering her Weekly Serve…

Sorry for deserting you last week pals, but the Queen had a birthday and so did I.

We’ve lost a stack of contestants in the past two weeks including Jay, who we all know I wasn’t the hugest fan of, Rachel of the various-coloured glasses, Arena who I usually confused with Alana, and Shannon who I sometimes confused with Danielle.

We’re 8 weeks into the comp now, and as Alana helpfully pointed out you’ve got to cook great dishes to avoid being eliminated.

Last night the 14 remaining contestants had yet another Invention Test that came with a terrifying set of stipulations about ingredients – PLUS a mystery box fusion-combo challenge. Those zany judges just love throwing spanners in the works! – Any excuse for Gary to utter the words “toughest challenge in MasterChef history”… Each contestant had a pot full of mystery Korean ingredients that included one of three proteins: beef, pork or mackeral.

CELEBRITY CHEF APPEARANCEDavid Chang! From the famous Momofuku ! In NYC! Korean BBQ! The Olsen twins dine there! How captivating is his accent? Love you, David Chang.

BEST DISHHayden impressed to the max with an array of delicious Korean inspired treats, made for sharing. He’s being flying under the radar a bit since winning the first and only immunity pin of the season – will he be the first contestant ever to secure two?

Hayden’s pretty Korean delights:

WORST DISH – As soon as the cameras zeroed in on Adam, we knew he was going to either kill it or be killed. When he didn’t take David Chang’s advice (idiot!!) it was pretty clear his poorly cooked mackeral would see him slide straight into the bottom three, along with Michael and Danielle.

Bottom three. Sad faces.

WHO WAS MISSING?Ellie was too sick to compete, so she’s gotta join the others in tonight’s Pressure Test.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT – “Holy mackeral”. George Calombaris.

See you next week!


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