The Masked Singer is back for another truly wild season and tonight’s episode has given us our first reveal, the Echidna, to be none other than triple-Olympian Mark Philippoussis.

Unfortunately his iconic performance of George Michael’s hit song Faith wasn’t enough to secure him another night in this bat-shit show.

In case you missed it, our clues for Echidna included:

Clue #1: “I only know one way to go: pedal to the metal from start to finish.”
Clue #2: “Outsiders see me as spikey, a bit difficult to handle and maybe I was, once. But the spikes were only ever there for my protection.”
Clue #3: “Music is always with me but my favourite might surprise you.”
Clue #4: “I took the hits head first and I hit back even harder.”
Clue #5: “I’ve ridden the ups and downs of my career with big sets and upsets but it’s not about how many times you fall its how many times you get up.”
Clue #6: “However others see me, I’m actually a softy inside.”
Clue #7: “My heart may be too big and I wear it on my sleeve. I just wanted love and who can blame me.”
Clue #8: “In my business, everyone is a fighter but not many can hit like me.”

The other judges guessed Bernard Tomic, Mick Fanning and Nick Kyrgios, but alas, it was Jackie O’s guess that proved to be successful.

You can read up on everything we know about the other contestants below to get your guesses ready.

The Masked Singer Australia continues tomorrow on Channel 10.