Queen From The Masked Singer Was Revealed & We Knew Who This Actual Queen Was Since Day One

After everyone guessed it from day dot, we now know once and for all that Queen on The Masked Singer has been revealed to be operatic pop legend Kate Miller-Heidke.

Miller-Heidke, who sung “I Will Survive” for her final performance, really wasn’t able to hide that incredible voice of hers throughout the season. Nobody hits those notes like she does, so this reveal isn’t much of a surprise.

Obviously her voice was incredible in every episode, and that led to some pretty high-profile guesses like both Lisa and Jess Origliasso from The VeronicasSiaLorde, and even Natalie Imbruglia.

For all of you playing along at home, the clues that would’ve given it away include:

Clue #1: “My glorious stature doesn’t register in my humble beginnings.”

Clue #2: ” I was expected to be known by my Italian works but turned away and followed my own Royal path by popular demand and I have been rewarded with the rarest of metals.”

Clue #3: “I remember the cold times as a child and yet I was never cool.”

Clue #4: “Yes, I have known the highs and the lows, sometimes at the same time.”

Clue #5: “Thirteen times I’ve been a bridesmaid but never the bride. Now it’s my turn.”

Clue #6: “I certainly served my apprenticeship, but it wasn’t on TV.”

Clue #7: “Even when I was very very naughty, I was applauded by my greatest critics.”

Clue #8: “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

Clue #9: “I’m comfortable in public, crowds don’t bother me. Although I do like to travel by coach.”

Clue #10: “Yes, there have been many stages in my life.”

Clue #11: “Sometimes I am the Queen and sometimes the jester.”

Clue #12: “But my sporting heritage cannot be denied.”

Clue #13: “I’ve been to a polo club but I’ve never played polo.”

Clue #14: “One wasn’t always a Queen. But it is a real title, awarded by the good folk of this country who have supported me repeatedly.”

Clue #15: “As befitting a Queen my first professional performance was for Britain, I took the applause not knowing if I could make it last but it just didn’t feel like home. I knew I needed to look elsewhere for fulfilment.”

Clue #16 (from home): Diary written in French

Clue #17: “I hope nobody calls me ‘terrible’.”

Clue #18: “But you never have to tough it out alone when your heart is in harmony with another.”

Clue #19: “Growing up, I rejected dance. But still ended up being a dancing girl. I have never met a dance I didn’t enjoy.”

Clue #20: “My great grandfather was an early member of the Communist Party of Australia. He loved Stalin and taught himself Russian from books.”

Clue #21: “Being a Queen gives me access to the greatest designers and stylists. Do you like my dress? I also look good in white, which I’ve worn more than once.”

Clue #22: “I do love a wedding. But to be honest, I didn’t do badly in a divorce either.”

Clue #23: “I was singing before I could speak. But would that be my future? With my voice, there would be no ARIAs for me.”

Clue #24: “I am your Queen, a real Queen. It’s often a title passed down through families, but I did it my way.”

Clue #25: “The sound of white has been very good to me.”

Clue #26: “I have been accused of having no seriousness. Me? The Queen.”

Clue #27: “I rule the whole country with fairness. Although I do prefer the metropolitan area.”

Clue #28: “I’m obsessed with the art of storytelling and music is my medium. Stories lift me up, give me hope and make me feel less alone in the world.”

Clue #29: “Showbiz is tough, fame is fleeting. You could say it’s hair today, gone tomorrow. Or maybe not.”

Clue #30: “Do I like talk shows? Yes and no. One revealed my deepest, darkest secret and I felt cornered.”

Clue #31: The wackiness appealed to me. It gave me permission to perform in ways I never have before.”

Clue #32: “Somebody said you’ve got a new friend… I can see elements of myself in her majesty, but I think I’m softer and more gooey on the inside.”

Clue #33: “I can be a nervous performer and I need time to warm up and calm down.”