The Masked Singer’s Professor Was Just Revealed & He Was Defs On My So Fresh Hits Of Summer CD

Ben Lee

The Masked Singer’s Professor has just been revealed and I have to say I actually guessed this one, and so did people on Twitter.

Yep, turns out the celeb hiding behind that cursed scientist mask was Ben fucking Lee!!!!!!!

You might recognise Ben Lee from Video Hits back in the day, because that guy had so many hits like ‘Catch My Disease’, ‘Love Me Like The World Is Ending’ and ‘We’re All In This Together’. He also starred alongside Rose Byrne in The Rage in Placid Lake film

Personally, I guessed Ben Lee last week because I know he’s been quite vocal on social media about conspiracy theory nut-jobs and is always about backing the science. His IG is filled with his opinions on the pandemic, QAnon and other hot topics.

People on Twitter also figured out the Peru and South America connection through an old article. Look at those sleuthing skills!!

And this was the beer reference…

If you guessed completely differently and want to know where you went wrong, have a squizz at the clues below:

Clue one: I’m the P-P-Professor and I want to make the world a better place.

Clue two: Am I opinionated? The answer must be yes. But that’s not news.

Clue three: Kn-knowledge is very important to me, even if it’s not the type you find at university.

Clue four: Our mother universe is huge. The possibilities for love are just as big. As-as-as long as we have some faith.

Clue five: I’m a scientist. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I’m always searching for the a-a-answer for the right cues.

Clue six: I like to think outside the square. It makes me an outsider, but that’s OK.

Clue seven: I like to break stereotypes-types-types and go where others don’t.

Clue eight: When asked by the judges if he was single or have found love on The Bachelor or in Paradise, Professor responded: “I have certainly b-b-been a bachelor at times in my life. But to me, love is paradise.”

Clue nine: I am Professor. And the universe is my playground. Success in my field comes when you least expect it. It can be a young scientist’s game.

Clue ten: But it is all a search for the meaning of life and love. Understanding is the heart of science.

Clue eleven: There are some things that science can’t do yet. Like work out why everyone likes Mary. Or make the perfect beer. I don’t have the Nobel prize – yet. But you need more than 10 fingers to count the big awards I’ve won.

Clue twelve: It’s the side projects that add colour to my life.

Clue thirteen: When put through the ‘mind reader’, The Professor is shown to be thinking of the Venus de Milo, and says: “Life is art, and art repeats itself. Art is also always new.

Honestly, I love Ben Lee and I wish he was on longer because he’s got an amazing voice.