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In a truly heartwarming turn of events, Bachelor In Paradise couple Mary Viturino and Conor Canning are not only still dating, but they’re now living together in Tasmania with Mary’s daughter.


No seriously, the HUGEST of awws.

Following their adorable commitment ceremony in tonight’s episode, the official Bachelor In Paradise Instagram account shared a sneaky video to reveal that they really did get their happily ever after.

“Here’s an update from Conor and Mary (plus a cute little surprise guest),” the post read.

Following the Bachie post, Mary and Conor both took to their own ‘grams to share the good news alongside some adorable pics of their new, happy family.

I know, I know, Bachie relationships rarely last, but I cannot stress this enough, I am ROOTING FOR THEM.

Mary and Conor better get married and have adorable babies together and just live happily ever after without all of the ~drama~ of Paradise.

It’s happened, we’ve got love! Sound the alarm!

You truly do love to see it, folks.

Image: Instagram / Mary Viturino