Mary From Selling Sunset Gave Us The Tea On S4, Davina’s $75M Listing & Oppenheim’s Aus Plans

mary fitzgerald selling sunset

Now that Netflix has given Selling Sunset the big green light for seasons 4 and 5, it’s time to check back in with our favourite luxury real estate agents to see how the last 12 months have treated them.

PEDESTRIAN.TV got on the phone to the angel of the Oppenheim Group – Mary Fitzgerald – to find out what’s in store for season 4, how it’s been trying to sell insane properties in a pandemic, whether the celeb exodus to Australia has caught the eye of Jason and Brett, and what the fuck’s going on with Davina‘s $75 million listing (that’s $98.5 million AUD, for the record.)

Apparently, a lot of the Selling Sunset gang got mild coronavirus symptoms early on in the pandemic, with Mary herself showing symptoms that passed quickly, and has been getting regular testing to make sure it hasn’t returned.

“A lot of us already had it,” she said.

“Most of us had very, very little symptoms. I lost my sense of smell for two days, but that was it. We all get tested every couple of days anyway, so we find out right away, and just quarantine, and it was fine. Now that the vaccine is out, Chrishell [Strause] just got hers a couple of days ago, and I think everybody’s been really healthy.”

With the new seasons incoming, Mary and the whole Oppenheim team are set to be followed by a camera crew again, which she’s both excited and a bit nervous about.

“I don’t like the drama portion of it,” she said.

“I get a bit anxious about that. But getting to be around everyone again is really exciting. It’s just an incredible opportunity that we have.”

In the time since season 3, the Oppenheim Group has landed itself a huge new office in Newport Beach, which is currently being renovated under Jason’s watchful eye and brings with it a whole new team to the real estate family. Though Mary’s not sure if we’ll meet any of these new faces in the two upcoming seasons of Selling Sunset, she has no doubt that Jason will want to show off his new digs.

“I think everybody that joins probably hopes that they’ll be on the show,” she said.

“But I have no idea what that dynamic is going to be. I know Jason wants to at least show that he’s opened up the new office. I don’t know if there’s any new agents that are going to be on the show, it’s undecided right now because the office isn’t even technically opened.

“I’m sure people will see something about the new office, because yeah, it’s Jason.”

Considering there’s been a big line of celebrities who have shifted their lives to Australia, whether it’s to safely film movies or to actually shack up here like Zac Efron, I had to ask Mary if there’s been any chatter about luxury real estate in Australia, and if we might someday see the Oppenheim brothers set up shop down here.

“That’s a question for Jason, I don’t know,” she said with a laugh.

“Jason is open to all opportunities that are good opportunities. If something came up and there was enough of a demand, and he had someone that was running it that he knew would be good and it would be a good risk to take, he would likely do it.

“But going out of the country is difficult because you can’t go check-in, you can’t be present and keep people online and interview people yourself. But I guess with Zoom and everything, it’s a bit different.

“I would never say never. Jason’s open to a lot of things, it’s just timing and where the demand is, and where he knows he’s going to succeed.”

Mary actually had plans to visit Australia last year with her husband Romain Bonnet, who actually lived in Sydney for a couple of years before moving to Los Angeles, and joked she could do some recon for Jason when she eventually gets over here.

Finally, the burning question was asked: what the fuck is happening with Davina’s truly cooked $75million listing?

The property, and its challenging asking price, was one of the biggest plot points in Season 3 of Selling Sunset, and eight months later it’s still very much on the Oppenheim website as an active listing. What’s happening? Has she had any hits? Has the seller budged on his asking price?

“Not to my knowledge, no,” Mary said, totally deadpan.

“That’s all I’m gonna say. I wanna be nice. But everyone knows it was overpriced, so it’s an impossible home to sell at that price.”


Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 are on Netflix right now if you need to rebuff yourself ahead of season 4 landing with us in the future.