Marvel Kills Off Spiderman In Final Issue

Spiderman is dead.

Marvel Comics have put the famous web-slinger to rest in the last issue (#700!) of The Amazing Spiderman, which came out this week. Warning: below is a spoiler alert for those of you who still read comic books.
Writer Dan Slott confirmed that one of Marvel’s most popular characters, who has spawned three box office smashes and an ill-fated musical, was killed in this issue and will not be coming back, nor will his alter-ego, Peter Parker. Spidey defeats his arch-nemesis Doctor Octopus, but they have swapped minds, which means he’s the one who’s actually dying. If that sounds confusing, it’s the culmination of a story that began over one hundred issues ago, so it should be. 
In short, Spiderman will live on, but with the soul of Dr Ock. The new series will be called The Superior Spiderman, with Issue #1 out next week. 
Slott and various members of The Marvel Team have experienced intense backlash from fans, with more than a few so incensed at the news that they began sending death threats via social media. Astute comic book fans at The Guardian were quick to note that none of this happened when Superman was unceremoniously disposed of in 1992, nor Captain America in 2007. Both film franchises have lived on. 
RIP Spidey. You’ve inspired generations of geeky young men to try and be valiant heroes and more importantly, to try and kiss girls upside down.