LOL: Martha K Doesn’t Reckon The MAFS 2023 Brides & Grooms Are ‘Relatable’ Or ‘Interesting’

Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis taking selfie in car and expert Mel Schilling looking confused with white text which reads "not my boring children!!"

Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis says Season Ten’s guinea pigs brides and grooms aren’t “interesting” or “relatable” and you know what? Points were made.

The glowing mama spilled the beans on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday.

“From the few episodes that we have watched, the cast aren’t as relatable,” she said.

“The show is good but the people aren’t interesting.”

Now, Martha did admit that she hasn’t watched heaps of MAFS 2023 ‘cos it coincided with her third trimester and she had bigger fish to fry. I know how I’d be choosing to spend my time if I was welcoming my first bubba.

But nonetheless, she reckons the short snippets she’s seen have been enough to say “yay” or “nay” to the couples. And coming from someone who’s had the displeasure of watching every single episode of MAFS Season Ten, watching the same people fight four nights a week (ahem, Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield) only makes you hate them more.

In saying all this, Martha obviously did not see Wednesday night’s episode when Rupert Bugden told his on-screen wife Evelyn Ellis that the colour of her dress was akin to “unhealthy pee”. Some might call such an observation crude but to me, it was a fascinating insight into one of the show’s most interesting minds.

One could even argue that Rupert constantly putting his foot in his mouth (and I say that with love) is relatable as shit. At the end of the day, who among us hasn’t used the words “dehydrated piss yellow” to describe the colour of a garment of clothing? Anyone? No? Alright.

Before I digress any further, you can read our latest MAFS recap here so you’re up to speed before the final vows on Sunday, which look like they’ll be off the fucking hook.

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