MAFS’ Martha Spoke About The Pregnancy Illness That Saw Her ‘In & Out Of Hospital’ In Europe

Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis has spoken about her horrifying-sounding experience of hyperemis gravidarum (HG) — an extreme type of nausea and vomiting that can happen during pregnancy.

In case ya missed it, Martha and her fellow MAFS-star fiancé Michael Brunelli cut short their big Europe trip. After the couple returned, Brunelli talked about Martha being seriously ill while overseas.

They then announced Martha was pregnant in an Insta vid, where Martha revealed she had been living with hyperemesis gravidarum.

She was diagnosed five weeks into the pregnancy.

“Hyperemesis gravidarum… is basically severe vomiting with not relief,” she said at the time.

“It’s twenty-four seven. I literally didn’t get out of bed for two months I was so sick. I could not eat or drink anything and there were some days I didn’t even get out of bed to pee.”

Now, Martha’s opened up more about living with HG and her pregnancy in an interview with The Daily Telegraph

She explained she found out she was preggo in Paris. The new sequel to Emily in Paris, it seems. But soon afterwards she started feeling the effects of HG.

“It’s like you’ve got gastro, you’re hungover and you’re on a boat,” she said.

“It is getting a bit better, but this is anything but fun.”

When she hit five weeks of pregnancy, she said she was so ill that she couldn’t get out of bed, eat or even drink.

“I was stuck overseas, severely dehydrated and had to get fluids regularly.”

According to Michael, he would hunt high and low through Paris to get Martha ginger and also lemon drinks because it was all she could handle.

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HG affects around one in a 100 pregnant people, though as per NSW Health that number might actually be higher.

NSW Health says HG can render people so sick they’re unable to work, care for themselves or others and can have “great difficulty participating in normal daily activities”. Honestly, as if pregnancy doesn’t sound rough enough.

At one point in Martha’s pregnancy diary for The Daily Telegraph, she described being “in bed and in and out of hospital” in Athens for a fortnight.

That sounds truly, truly awful.

Martha confirmed she’s now taking it “one day at a time” and does experience the illness sometimes.

Earlier this month, she did a Q&A on Insta answering questions about hyperemesis gravidarum and pregnancy.

“I’ve had a few good days in the past three weeks, but still having some very grim nights and equally shitty days,” she said.

She also talked about her struggle to find relief from the nausea, though said she’s been prescribed steroids which did help.

As someone who curls up into a ball at the faintest hint of feeling sick, I can’t imagine going through chronic nausea like this. Hopefully the rest of her pregnancy is breezy as the couple prep for their bountiful bouncing bébé.