‘Married At First Sight’s Zoe And Alex Made An Audition Tape For ‘The Block’

To the great surprise of everyone, presumably even the producers of the show, uptight marketing executive Zoe Hendrix and affable tradie Alex Garner made it out of the matrimonial trainwreck that was Married At First Sight as something resembling a functional couple.

Now, in an act of #synergy so perfect that it makes our reality TV-loving hearts skip with joy, the pair are hoping to parlay their Married At First Sight fame into another series: the ever-ridiculous reno challenge of The Block.

The pair, self-confessed Block fans who have spent the last year buying up and renovating properties, recently posted an audition video to their YouTube channel, and you can see it in all its glory below. 
“I think we’ve got different things to offer, like Zoe has got a culture background of Africa which we would infuse into what we do, I think I’ve got so many different ideas about different curves and shapes within a building that hasn’t been exercised,” Alex said. 
Pity it couldn’t have been Clare and Lachie, but still, we pray the reality TV gods make this happen.