Literally Just People Reacting To ‘MAFS’ Bro Dean Calling Himself Feminist

At this point in the latest season of Married At First Sight, we have a pretty good read on Dean Wells.

The self-described bloke’s bloke drew viewers – and their ire – by going behind the back of his pseudo-partner Tracey Jewel with Davina Rankin, and followed up on that partner-stealing dalliance by encouraging the other men to spill on which other women they are attracted to.

Sure, he’s already railed against the producers for allegedly amping up the gronk factor to viewers, but last night showed Wells defending his character in the wildest way possible: he claimed to be a lifelong feminist.

After the contents of that ‘boy’s night’ chat were revealed to the wider contestant dinner party, Charlene Perera took Wells to task for seemingly “offering up” Jewel to the other men, and labelled him a “douchebag” in the process.

As the pair left the dinner to discuss the issue, Wells dropped the F-bomb.

“I’ve been a feminist my whole life,” Wells said. “But I’m also a man, and I don’t apologise for being a man. I don’t apologise for being attracted to women. Why is that a bad thing?’

Charlene’s reaction to watching that footage back for the first time… well.

And she was hardly the only one.

Yeah, same.