Here’s A List Of The MAFS Stars On Cameo & How Much $$ They Charge For Simply Saying ‘HBD’


A bunch of Married At First Sight stars are milking their reality TV fame and turning it into cash because why the hell not?

After participating in one of the most entertaining social experiments ever, some MAFS stars have turned to Cameo — a website where fans can pay celebrities for a personal video message or live call — to make some extra dosh.

From the MAFS legend herself, Cyrell Paule, to last year’s Jackson Lonie, you can get personalised video messages from a plethora of ex-MAFS stars, depending on the price you’re willing to pay.

Source: Cameo

So we did a cheeky little bit of snooping on Cameo, and we’ve listed all the different MAFS stars who are now making bucks off their 15 minutes of fame and how much you can pay for them to wish you a Happy Birthday.

Cyrell Paule

Source: Cameo

OFC, we gotta start with the lady who basically chucked MAFS onto a whole new level in Season Six. Cyrell Paule, who is listed by her iconic nickname “Cyclone Cyrell” on Cameo, charges $89 buck-a-roos for a personal video and $626 for a business one.

Her current Cameo rating is sitting at 4.97, just like my Uber rating.

On her profile, she features a bunch of different examples of her personal videos, including her singing “Happy Birthday.”

One person who bought a shoutout from the MAFS star wrote: “Thank you so much, Cyrell! You really helped my girlfriend feel confident. Thanks for taking the time and also for getting us through lockdown by being brilliant on MAFS xx”.

Mishel Karen

Source: Cameo

The Season Seven bride is currently charging $30 for a personal video, $224 for a business vibe and $4 for a message. It doesn’t specify what kind of message, but I am assuming it’s either an email or a text.

Mishel Karen‘s boasts a five-star rating, which is just a tad higher than Cyrell’s.

One person who bought a Cameo from Karen wrote: “Mishel was fabulous as always.”

The former MAFS bride also makes content on OnlyFans, just like a bunch of other MAFS alumni.

Jackson Lonie

Source: Cameo

Jackson Lonie, who was the partner of the polarising Season Nine bride, Olivia Frazer, is on both Cameo and OnlyFans like Karen.

The former MAFS groom charges a little bit higher than Karen, with $45 for a personalised video, $313 for a business one and $4 for a message.

Lonie also has a five-star rating, but he only boasts two reviews with one person saying they loved his energy.

Dean Wells

Source: Cameo

Boy, oh, boy. Of course, this man is on here.

Season Five self-proclaimed “supervillain” Dean Wells is also making some bucks off his MAFS fame. The man currently charges $52 for a personal video, $365 for a business vid and four bucks for a message.

Wells surprisingly has a five-star rating with a bunch of positive reviews.

One person wrote: “What a legend Deano is! Quick response and genuinely gave us a good laugh. We’re always happy to get the inside scoop for more MAFS action. We’re all over that VPN! Money well spent. WE LOVE YOU DEAN!”

Melissa Walsh

Source: Cameo

Unlike the other reality TV participants on this list, the Season Five bride only offers personalised videos for $22. What a bang for ya buck!

She also boasts a five-star rating, with one public review on her profile from 2020.

The review reads: “Thanks so much for doing this! We have had a hectic and torrid 2020 but doing better than so many others. Mum will love this. Hope you are staying well and safe.”

Holly Greenstein

Source: Cameo

The Season Nine bride wrote on her Cameo bio that she would like “to help you send kind words to a loved one”, so I guess that means no for personalised roasting videos.

Holly Greenstein charges $43 for a personal video, $298 for business and $4 for a message.

She also has a five-star rating, with reviews thanking her for her time. In one of her cameo examples, Greenstein spilled some tea about fellow bride Olivia Frazer, labelling her a “huge bitch” and claiming that Frazer called her a “mosquito.”

Steve Burley

Source: Cameo

Season Seven groom Steve Burley charges $37 for a personal video, $261 for a business and, just like everyone else, $4 for a message.

He currently has a 4.92-star rating on his profile and a couple of reviews thanking him for his cheeky messages.

One person simply wrote, “Gold.”

Aleks Markovic

Source: Cameo

Aleks Markovic charges $30 for a personalised video and $209 for business. She doesn’t offer any message options.

She currently has a five-star rating on her profile, and in one of her example videos, the bride spilled some tea about MAFS, mentioning people who she doesn’t talk to from her season, including Ivan Sarakula and Hayley Vernon.

Markovic also said she “wouldn’t do the show” again in the same Cameo video.

Amanda Micallef

Source: Cameo

Season Seven bride Amanda Micallef is charging $119 buck-a-roos for a personal video and $834 for a business one.

Amanda only has one public review but the former bride has a gorgeous five-star rating.

Bella Frizza

Source: Cameo

The former MAFS contestant is charging fans $30 bucks for a personalised video and $4 for a message.

At the moment, her profile has no reviews, and she only has one example video available on her feed.

Nadia Stamp

Source: Cameo

Nadia Stamp charges $45 for a personalised vid, $313 and $3 bucks a message — a dollar cheaper than the contestants.

The former bride also has a glowing five-star rating, and her reviews are popping off, with many thanking the reality TV star for her lovely messages.

Patrick Dwyer

Source: Cameo

Season Eight groom Patrick Dwyer is taking personal video bookings for $30. He also charges $209 for business and $4 for a cheeky message.

He also has a five-star rating BUT there’s one video that is totally overexposed and you can barely see his face. RIP to whoever ordered this one.

Source: Cameo

Sean Thomsen

Source: Cameo

Sean Thomsen is selling shoutouts for $20. Unfortunately, this groom has no stars and no reviews but his profile is listed as “new” on Cameo.

Bryce Ruthven

Source: Cameo

Another MAFS villain, if you will, Bryce Ruthven, is charging $60 for a personalised video, $298 for business and $7 for a message — which is hella expensive compared to the other stars on this list.

He has a rating of 4.90 stars, but it seems that people who have bought from him are quite happy.

One review reads: “Thanks Bryce. You really nailed it and gave us exactly what we were hoping for. We really appreciate it.”

Anthony Cincotta

Source: Cameo

Anthony Cincotta is charging $45 bucks for a personal vid, $313 for business and $4 for a message.

The former MAFS groom has five stars and a single review that says, “My friend will love the message; it’s very funny. A very quick response to the request and hits all the right notes. We’ll be seeing him at Retropolis soon so hopefully, I can wrangle the free shot for her without giving up the surprise! Many thanks!”

Lauren Huntriss

Source: Cameo

The Season Six bride is charging $60 for a personal message, $417 for business and $4 for a message.

Lauren Huntriss only has two reviews but she has a glowing five stars.

Poppy Jenkins

Source: Cameo

This Season Seven bride is charging fans $22 for a personal video, $156 for business and $4 for a message.

She currently has no reviews and no stars but like Sean, her profile is listed as new.

Ivan Sarakula

Source: Cameo

The dashing Season Seven groom is charging $30 for a personal video and $209 for a business video.

His profile has a five-star rating with glowing reviews.

Selin Mengu

Source: Cameo

This Season Nine bride is selling personalised videos for $43, $302 for business and $7 for a message.

She also has five stars, with one review that just says “N/A”.

Andrew “Jonesy” Jones

Source: Cameo

This former groom is selling personalise videos for $15, business vids for also $15 and $3 a message.

He currently has a 4.95-star rating with fairly positive reviews.

Samantha Moitzi

Source: Cameo

Samantha Moitzi is selling personal videos for $45 and messages for $4.

Motizi’s profile is listed on Cameo as “new”, therefore she has zero ratings and zero reviews.

Jesse Lee Konstantinoff

Source: Cameo

This Season Four groom is charging fans $22 for a personal video, $156 for business and $18 for a message.

Jesse Lee Konstantinoff boasts a five-star rating on his profile.

Dino Hira

Source: Cameo

Dino Hira, from Season 6, is charging $45 for personalised videos and $209 for business.

Unfortunately for this groom, he only has a 4.99-star rating, but most of his reviews are quite positive.

One person wrote: “Dino you are SUCH a beautiful soul THANK YOU for the gorgeous, thoughtful message!”

Davina Rankin

Source: Cameo

Davina Rankin, who was also on other shows including First Dates AU and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is charging fans $52 for a personal video and $27 for a regular message.

Rankin’s profile has a five-star rating with a single review that says they “thoroughly enjoyed” their personal message.

Mike Gunner

Source: Cameo

This Season Six groom says that he will “try and make you smile” and “hopefully give some great advice” in his personal videos. Mike Gunner is charging fans $75 dollars for a personal video, $522 for business and $224 for a live video call — a unique option in this list!

Gunner’s profile has a 4.90-star rating with over 105 reviews.

James Susler

Source: Cameo

If you want a personal video message from James Susler, it’ll set you back $30 and if you want a cheeky message, it’ll be $4.

Susler’s profile is also new to Cameo, so he has no stars or reviews.

Ning Surasiang

Source: Cameo
Ning Surasiang from Season Six is charging $45 for personal vids, $373 for business and $9 for a message.
Her profile stands at a 4.84-star rating.

Billy Vincent

Source: Cameo

The Season Siz groom is charging fans $45 for a personal video, $313 for business and $3 for a message.

His profile bio kinda sounds like it’s been written for a dating app as he mentioned he’s “unlucky in love” and he has a “big heart”.

Billy Vincent‘s profile has a beaming five-star rating with loads of positive reviews.

With Season Ten being done, it wouldn’t surprise if a bunch of them started to announce Cameo accounts. You might as well make a bang out of your buck, amirite?

NGL, I’d probably pay for Cyrell to call me king-ding-a-ling even though it will set me back 89 bucks.