The internet is rallying behind Married At First Sight’s literal daddy Anthony after Selin appeared to belittle him in Thursday night’s episode.

In case you missed it, Anthony claimed in the episode that Selin called him a “princess” off-screen for being emotionally vulnerable. He then called her a bully.

“When I say I’m vulnerable, she says that’s very confronting for her,” he told producers in the episode.

“When the cameras are off she’s a different person. She says ‘oh you’re gonna have a little cry, a boo hoo’, sort of goading me.

“It’s not compassionate, it’s not caring. I should be able to be myself without being belittled about it.”

The two clearly weren’t a right fit for each other. Anthony packed his bag and walked out of their honeymoon pad in Berry, NSW on the morning after their big fight right at the end of the episode.

Honestly it kinda feels like Anthony deserves better than this?

“If I have to define who I am, I’m a father,” he said on Sunday’s episode.

“Everything I’ve done in my life, my daughter is my ticket into heaven.”

Everyone online appears to be readying their pitchforks against Selin and offering themselves up as a bridal substitute for MAFS’ resident DILF (Me included).

“The DILF is trying to be genuine and vulnerable and Selin calls him a pussy in return”, said one user live tweeting during the pair’s final fight.

Another echoed Anthony’s comments in Thursday night’s ep and suggested he “dump her and go back to [his] daughter”.

Here are some of the other best tweets from the night.

Before you sharpen those blades and aim them at Selin, let’s all make a vow not to attack the woman on social media yeah? Reality TV is what it is and nobody who’s on it should be harassed online.

Now back to the matter at hand: sweet, wholesome daddy Anthony. People were celebrating the MAFS bloke for being a shining example of a man who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. I guess being a single dad to a daughter will do that.

I actually think it was a really big move for a man to recognise that a conflict won’t get resolved at the moment and decide to calmly explain how he feels and bounce instead of punch a hole in the wall.

This man and his sweet dad energy just might have ended toxic masculinity. Or so these tweets appeared to say.

Others online felt that Anthony was forcing a sense of intimacy between him and Selin and that she “clearly feels uncomfortable”. It’s also worth noting that there are only a couple of tweets that said this and that very few of them were liked by others.

Married At First Sight airs at 7:30 on Sunday to Wednesday night on Channel Nine and 9Now.