The only man in Australia to have miraculously dodged every single possible reference to “tinder” or the concept of online dating when the real thing proves difficult, and deciding that true love can only be found in the depths of Channel Nine, ‘Married At First Sight’ alumnus Lachlan McAleer will be joining the upcoming season of ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

In an interview last night with ACA, McAleer confirmed that he split with his faux-bride Clare a few months after Married At First Sight wrapped, but said, “we’re still friends.

Lachie also said “going to bed solo” was a fairly lonely pursuit that he’d like to rectify, and hopes to find reality TV-orchestrated  L U  R V  on the new show. 

Which, all things considered, might not be the literal worst idea. After all, SMH claims Australian seasons of ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ have produced 8 marriages and 10 babies over the years; while ‘Married At First Sight’ can only really claim to have produced some token ugg boots and a few choice reaction GIFs, truth be told.

SMH reports that after joining instagram over the weekend, McAleer was “flooded” with admirers, but tbh on closer inspection it’s mostly for Snoop the dog, but he’ll take it. 

Chilling with Snoop Dogg!!!

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If McAleer once again fails to find a GD wife on this series, take solace in the knowledge that it will inevitably cause Channel 7 to reprise its train-wreck of a reality TV nightmare “Please Marry My Boy” solely for the bloke, and marry him off our TV screens forevermore.

For the love of TV, can someone please date and marry this freaking dude? Tributes can volunteer here

via SMH.