Marlon Wayans Tells Sensitive White People To Chill, Take Dance Lessons

As he was leaving a gym in Hollywood, a TMZ cameraman approached Marlon Wayans to ask for his take on the Delta Goodrem selfie incident that sent the internet into a morally outraged tailspin last week. Wayans opened his gym bag in search of any stray fucks to give, looking under the lining and in the various zipper compartments, but came up with none whatsoever. 

When asked about his run in with Delta at a Beyoncé and Jay Z concert, he said he didn’t know she was famous, and thought she was “just a regular, plain old Caucasian woman.” He then explained the reason he felt compelled to mock her dancing on the internet – specifically, the fact that she continually bumped into him, creating “a new rhythm” in the process. 

Many accused Wayans of being a racist following the Delta incident, but he was having none of it. “It’s not racist, I just made an observation that there was a white woman and it happened she couldn’t dance,” he said. “I’m not saying all white women can’t dance.”

“There’s some really sensitive white people that can’t dance,” he continued.

“I didn’t mean to offend all of ya’ll, but if you’re taking offense to it like that, you know, maybe take a dance class or watch some R&B videos.” 

Until Goodrem hits back with a series of on-point Seinfeld gifs, this may be advantage Wayans.